Aggregate Series

The prints in the Aggregate Series were inspired by Aggregate Memory, an artist’s book produced in collaboration with Lisa Onstad in 2005. Using some of the proofs of the book pages as a starting point, I created monoprints by adding additional layers of relief printed shapes, pressure prints and polymer plates. The imagery in the prints includes clusters of shapes suggesting memories, both sensory and unspoken, recollections on notebook pages, and carefully diagrammed observations.
The resulting prints were exhibited in the Centrum Gallery at The Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, in September of 2005. To order available prints, please contact the artist.


1. Aggregate Notebook: Mapping Experience
2. Aggregate Notebook: Visuospacial Sketchpad
3. Aggregate Notebook
4. Memoranda: Unspoken
5. Intersecting Autobiographies

6. Encoding a Memory
7. Memoranda: Sensory Record
8. Converging Stories
9. Implicit Memory
10. Dynamic Symmetry

11. Aggregate Clusters
12. Phonological Loop
13. Enlivened by the Senses
14. Residue of Recollection
15. Layering of all Days and Years

16. Intricate Clusters